The Lihn Center for Psychology

About the Center


Do you feel upset and alone?
Are you plagued by low self-esteem?
Do you feel worthless?

Everyone experiences sadness occasionally, but when these feelings interfere with everyday life, you may need to seek treatment.

Individuals most likely to experience depression include married women, adolescents and unmarried men. Some people become depressed as the result of an external event. Other factors like family history, genetics, stress and inadequate coping mechanisms play a part in the likelihood of becoming depressed.

Untreated depression can be very serious. Symptoms of depression include changes in sleeping or eating patterns, feelings of sadness or worthlessness, or a lack of energy.

Fortunately, there are many treatments that alleviate these symptoms. Therapists at the Lihn Center are trained to help you through difficult times, and to provide the support and understanding you need. Using a combination of approaches our therapists guide you to find your own practical solutions.

We will help you develop a positive self attitude and learn ways to create long lasting life changes.

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